About Us


Equiventas is a B2B marketing and research company serving Global Technology & IT (Software Product/Service) companies to increase their ROI on Marketing Campaigns & by providing most accurate contact database, In last 3 Years we have helped over 100+ technology companies accelerate revenue growth and achieve success with their go-to-market programs. At Equiventas we make sure that a client’s business objectives and obstacles are of prime importance in uncovering the best solution, may it be in the form of putting up a stellar sales team, developing an effective selling process, or utilizing a necessary tool to increase effectiveness. We make sure we help our clients accelerate revenue by identifying, profiling, nurturing and connecting with the right decision makers within their targeted customer and prospect accounts.


WISE Calling is a technology designed to get our clients in front of their target prospects at times when engagement and conversion rates are most optimal, leading to a higher percentage of success calls.

  • In the world full of Abundance, we deliver Quality.

  • We specialize in complex technology and know every best practice for lead generation, sales enablement, and marketing automation in B2B.

  • We are skilled and experienced professional telemarketers who are well conversant with the challenge of providing cost effective Sales and Marketing QUALIFIED Leads.

  • We're most expert in Sales, Lead Generation Programs, Account Based Marketing, Customer Retention, Lead Conversion, Demand Generation, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing.

  • We are passionate in building, aligning, and managing customers for our Clients.


To improve return on Investment of Sales, Marketing & Boost Revenue Growth.


To be known for the value we deliver through ingenious/innovative services, strategic partnerships and talent. Our skills matches our commitment to deliver revenue growth for our clients.


Our integrity outlines us in all our actions & performance , we exert to be fair.